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Q: I don't see the canvas that I want – can you get me a specific print?

A: Yes we can! Simply contact us with your request and include a picture of what you want, and we will do our best to get you whatever picture it is that you want. We can even customize family pictures – we just need to make sure the picture is a high-resolution file and can send you a preview before you place your order. Contact us for our customization prices.

Q: If I buy an unframed canvas, can I hang it just like a poster?

A: Unfortunately, no. If you decide to purchase an unframed canvas, you will need to purchase your own wood framed canvas board. These pieces are made with an extended duplicate border that is made to wrap around the canvas board for a nice effect. If you were to try and hang it like a regular poster, it would not look correct. The reason the framed canvases are more expensive is that it can cost quite a bit to have someone "frame" your canvas onto a board. These are custom-sized pieces, so it is not always easy to find the right-sized boards to frame them on. You are certainly welcome to go that route and that is why we offer that option.

Q: Why is the shipping 2 to 8 weeks?

A: In order for us to offer the best prices and free shipping for all of our products, this was the best option for our customers. We work directly with our manufacturer to ensure the most efficient and safe shipping to all of our customers. Our manufacturer processes each new order quickly for each customer. Packages come protectively wrapped to ensure each and every customer gets the product in great condition.   We do offer EXPEDITED SHIPPING for $19.99.  Delivery is usually 10-12 days with EXPEDITED SHIPPING

Q: Will I receive a tracking number?

A: Yes, as soon as the item is shipped from the warehouse we will send the tracking number to you.

Q:Are you able to ship to a military address?

A: Absolutely! We have recently worked with our manufacturer on being able to ship to our military personnel all over the world.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Returns are available up to 30 days after receiving your canvas. There is a 15 percent restocking fee to help with shipping costs and labor. For additional information, see the Returns section of our Policy page.

Q: Why is your pricing so much better than all of the other websites?

A: In short, because we are awesome! Seriously though, we aim to keep our overhead as low as possible and pass on all of the savings to our customers.

Q: What payment options do you have?

A: We accept PayPal and Amazon Pay.  Both are extremely easy to use with any major credit card and also offers our customers the max amount of protection.

Q: What is the difference between framed and unframed canvases?

A: The basic answer is that unframed is the canvas only, while framed is a ready-to-hang canvas stretched on a wooden frame. Obviously framed is more expensive, but buying unframed will still require you to buy the right-sized frames and take the time to stretch them and attach yourself. Please note: unframed canvases are not meant to be posters – they are printed with a duplicated border that is used to frame around the border of the frame of your choice.


Framed or Unframed Canvas 

If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to contact us at any time!



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