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Decorate Your Dorm Room This Fall!

August is nearly half over, and for college students around the country, that means that the fall semester has started or is about to begin. If you’re a freshman moving into the dorms for the first time, or you’re a senior who has had the same room for the past three years, then it’s important to have the right decor for your small living space. Blacklight posters are still popular in some places, but if you’re looking for unique wall art, then The Force Gallery is here to help.

Make the Space Your Own

Most dorm rooms are built for two people, and sharing that small of a space with another person can be interesting, to say the least. One way to create a more livable space is to make it your own, complete with art and decor that you like. You can put up wall prints featuring your favorite comic book or Star Wars characters, and your dorm will feel a bit more like home.

Choosing Art with Friends

If you’ve lived with a friend for the past few years, or your plan is to live with your best friend from high school, then you likely share some of the same interests. If you have similar tastes in decor, then why not pick out new wall art together? You can hang a piece that depicts your favorite scene from Game of Thrones, or if you’re both sports fans, then you can show your support for your favorite football, baseball, or hockey team. If you attend a major university, then you may be able to find a canvas in our online store that features your school’s logo or mascot!

Hanging Your New Dorm Art

Some schools don’t allow students to put holes into the dorm room walls, so it’s important to know what the rules are before you hang your new art. Since our canvases are framed, and there are five sections to each piece, it’s important to have the right supplies when hanging your art, especially if you can’t use screws or nails. Each individual canvas isn’t too heavy, and adhesive hooks should be sufficient. Make sure you position the hooks so that they can’t be seen when the canvases are hung, and take the time to measure so that each canvas is properly spaced. While it can take longer to hang your wall art than it does to put up a poster, your dorm room will look much better when you’re finished.

If you’re moving into the dorms in the next few weeks, or you’re already there and you’re looking for unique wall art, then browse our online catalog today. We have an outstanding selection of wall canvases to choose from, and we know you’ll find something that both you and your roommate like. If you have questions about any of our products, or you want to know when a canvas will be back in stock, then please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We can even create a custom piece of wall art for you – all we need is a high-resolution picture of what you want!

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