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Choosing Your New Star Wars Canvas Print

There are so many amazing movies that have been made over the years, but the one that often stands out among the rest (at least in terms of popularity) is Star Wars. The original movies transformed the idea of what science-fiction movies could be, and the sequels, prequels, and one-shots that have come out since then have only solidified Star Wars’ spot in the pop culture lexicon. People all over the world have collected the movies, toys, comic books, and other products associated with the franchise, and at The Force Gallery, we want to help people find the ideal home decor that celebrates their favorite heroes and villains from a galaxy far, far away. Our selection of canvas prints has something for every fan!

Light or Dark?

Boba Fett Star Wars Canvas Print
Anyone who has seen Star Wars is familiar with the light side and dark side of the Force. This take on good and evil has many subtleties and there are of course characters in the movies who serve the light side for a part of their life, and then switch or “fall” to the dark side. The power each side possesses has its own appeal, and fans will often find themselves admiring both heroes and villains. In our gallery, you can find both the light and the dark, and the unique canvas art you choose will look amazing in your living room, home theater area, or man cave.

Dogfights in Outer Space

One thing that George Lucas absolutely wanted when he created Star Wars was dogfights in space. He envisioned fast ships that could maneuver easily through the dimensions of outer space, as well as large, powerful ships that packed a ton of firepower. The special effects that were created for the first movie revolutionized how spaceships could be built, made to move, and destroyed. The first shot of A New Hope is a Rebel blockade runner fleeing a massive Star Destroyer, and that iconic shot set the tone for the rest of the scenes that took place in the depth of space. We have a wonderful collection of amazing artwork that depicts those fantastic fights, complete with laser blasts and proton torpedoes flying across the canvas. We also have everyone’s favorite ship, The Millennium Falcon, in a number of scenes.

Choosing Your Artwork

When you’re choosing your Star Wars artwork, it might seem difficult to pick the perfect one. You have so many that you like, but you only have the space or budget for one (at least at this particular moment). It can be best to choose what you know will look great in your home, or to go with your favorite character and display him or her proudly on your wall. Whichever one you choose, you’ll know that you’ll love looking at it every single day, and that those who visit your house will know you’re a true fan.

Look through our collection of canvas prints today, and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you!



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