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Decking Out Your Man Cave with New Wall Art

Building a man cave is a dream for many guys, and when they’re finally able to dedicate time to creating, furnishing, and decorating the space, they want it to be just right. At The Force Gallery, we have a fantastic selection of unique wall art, and no matter what you’re interested in, you can find canvas prints that will look great in your man cave. Whether you’re into movies, sports, or nature, you can add amazing art to your walls!


Comic Books and Science Fiction

Many guys love reading comic books, and a lot of men discovered superheroes when they were very young. They may have had a friend who introduced them to Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, and they’ve had an affinity for these heroes ever since. As they grew, their favorite heroes were featured not only in comic books, but also in movies and TV shows. The action leaped off the page and onto the screen, and they want their man cave to reflect their love for their favorite heroes.

Another genre that can be closely tied to comic books is science fiction. What began in the mid-20th century with pulp novels and stories appearing in monthly magazines has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon with countless fans. Science fiction found a strong foothold in popular culture through movies such as Star Wars, which of course was inspired by the Flash Gordon serials of the 1930s and 40s. The generation who first encountered Star Wars has now passed their love and devotion for the franchise on to their children, and those children are now buying houses and building man caves.

Sports and Popular Culture

While some men may have a deeper love for comic books and science fiction, others are more devoted to sports and popular culture. That’s not to say a man can’t love both Star Wars and college football, but his choice of decor for his entertainment area may lean towards one more than the other. For the sports-minded man, there are many canvas prints to choose from in our store, and we feature both collegiate and professional options. If you’re a diehard Boston Bruins fan, you can proudly display your loyalty on the wall above your couch. If you’re more of a baseball fanatic, and you were elated that the Cubs finally secured their first world championship in 108 years, you can put up a new piece of wall art commemorating your allegiance to the North Siders.

If you’d rather give a nod to popular culture, we have several pieces that feature your favorite movie stars and characters. Many men are fans of Marilyn Monroe, and we have several options starring the woman who once went by Norma Jean. We also have prints that showcase your favorite TV shows and movies, and we’re always adding new options so it’s important to check back often.

Nature-Inspired Prints

If none of the categories above contain what you’re interested in, we also have several nature-inspired prints that will look great on your wall. If you’re an avid angler or hunter, we have prints that feature fish, deer, elk, and more. You may be decorating a trophy room instead of a man cave, and a unique nature print can look perfect next to a mounted whitetail deer.

If you’re remodeling a room to turn it into an entertainment area, or you’ve finally finished the space that will become your man cave, find your new wall art at The Force Gallery today. It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in or what team you root for – you can find outstanding options in our store.



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